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Adorable Zebra Wooden Push & Pull Along Toy for Baby & Toddler - Rolls Easy, Sturdy String Attached


Thirty Day Money-Back Guarantee & Five Year Warranty Included

  • Adorable Pull-Along Zebra on four wheels with 2 feet of hard wearing black string
  • At 6 inches high, it’s the perfect sized companion for a 1 year old taking their first steps
  • Made from durable and sustainable wood, to take the rough and tumble of toddler life
  • Features a cut out middle section, so the toy can be grasped and pushed along the ground
  • Covered by a 5 year warranty, and tested to the very highest safety testing standards, for total peace of mind 
When your little one takes their first step it’s a moment you’ll remember forever, and as they grow in confidence, you’ll quickly find that there’s no stopping them. The Pull-Along Zebra is the perfect partner on their travels, always trailing two feet behind them as they explore the world - they’ll be the cutest pairing this side of the Savannah.

Built For Adventures
Crafted using the finest sustainable wood and painted with those distinctive stripes, the zebra toddler toy can be pulled on the four wheels by the hard wearing string. The craftsmanship is evident in how smoothly the wheels turn, while the durability will be increasingly evident as your little one discovers their surroundings!

This is a classic wooden toy that will become part of their favorite childhood memories, and with a 5 Year Warranty it will last and last, becoming a real part of family life.

Oh, the places they’ll go!

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