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50 Piece Classic Wooden Building Block Set - Hardwood Plain & Colored Small Wood Blocks



Thirty Day Money-Back Guarantee & Five Year Warranty Included

  • 50 wooden blocks, in four bright colors and one natural wood shade
  • An excellent educational toy that is suitable for a 1 year old and beyond
  • Made from durable and sustainable wood – each piece is carefully crafted so there are no rough edges
  • A classic wooden toy that makes the perfect gift
  • Covered by a 5 year warranty, and tested to the very highest safety testing standards, for total peace of mind
A set of wooden blocks is the children’s toy that really does grow with them. While a one year old will enjoy stacking just one block on top of another (and possibly chewing on the blocks..!) an older child will be able to create ever taller towers and more elaborate constructions.

Next Level Learning
This block set is the kinds of educational toy that packs in huge amounts of learning while your little one is busy building. In fact, a child’s ability to stack blocks is one of the major milestones measured by health professionals. Motor skills and hand eye coordination is improved with every block, while they also provide an opportunity to teach colors, shapes and numbers. Imagination, sharing and cooperation also comes into play, as your little one grows into a slightly less little one!

Craftsmanship Meets Construction
The quality of the wood and the craftsmanship sets this block set apart from others. The bright paint is something that toddlers love, while the addition of the natural varnished blocks shows the sustainable wood in all its glory.
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