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Valentines - Creative Ways to Say I Love You!

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Valentines - Creative Ways to Say I Love You!

Hard to believe that Valentines is tomorrow but here we find ourselves, and if you’re like me, you’re scratching your brain to figure out something really creative and different to celebrate this year.

Poster Poetry

We got this idea from So cute.  Create a series of fun yard signs that tell a story or send a message about what you love, admire and respect about your S.O.  Be bold, or be subtle - either way, remember the neighbors will be talking about it for weeks!  You can get blank yard signs at any large hardware store, or order them online at

Lock it in

While your beloved is sleeping away, get their phone or laptop and change their screen saver, lock screen or wallpaper to a fun valentine message from you.


Perhaps your perky partner has a favorite YouTube channel, or TV show, or music video?  Could be time to recreate that scene in your home - dress up as Bear Grylls, or Beyonce at the Super Bowl.  Put on the theme song, and re-enact a famous scene.  Great time for a “Wardrobe Malfunction.” Am I right?

Ideas for the Whole Family

While we’re all itching for a great date night for the adults - there are some really fun (and/or educational) things you can do as a family, to celebrate St. Valentines Day.

  • Ask the kids how they think Valentines Day got started - write down their answers and then work together as a family to research Valentine’s Day origination (you can use the information on, or THIS STORY is fun, too).

  • Create a movie night tradition.  Pick a romantic movie and watch the same movie every year - what about Lady and the Tramp, or Beauty and the Beast?  If your kids are a little older, how about Notting Hill or Pretty Woman (not to go all Julia Roberts on you, but they’re a couple good romcoms!)

  • Slide Show and Family Movie Night - how often do we actually look through the thousands of pictures we have?  Now with Chrome Cast and/or Apple TV (or other devices), you can project your favorite family photos and videos onto your TV.  Pop some popcorn, tell stories, and relive the years gone by together.

  • Write a heartfelt thank you note - following all the conventions of a well-written thank you note - you know the routine - only this time, thank them for being your magical family, your thoughtful son, or adventurous daughter.  What are the important components of a great thank you note:
    • Restate the gift (thank you for showing me what it’s like to be curious)
    • Describe how that gift will impact you - give two or three great examples of why the gift matters and how you will use it (because I see how curious you are, I’ve started to look at things differently, it makes me more curious when I am at work, at the store, or even on Facebook - in fact, just last week, I searched out extra information on the economy, and on dolphins, because I could see that you were curious about those topics).
    • Connect the gift to your relationship with them (You may not realize that grown-ups are always learning, too - just because we don’t go to school, doesn’t mean we can’t love to learn.  Because you are so curious, I really enjoy learning with you - we’ve had some special moments learning together - like last week at the Museum. I love to learn with you.)
    • Thank them again (Among the many gifts you bring to my life, your curiosity and love of learning is one for which I’m especially grateful. Thank you for sharing it with me.)
    • Sign the letter, and voila!  You’ve created a special memory for your child, and you’ve spent a few moments thinking about the ways that they are changing your life (besides the obvious hours of laundry!)

  • Give it away - create a valentines gift basket for a neighbor, or a friend. Leave it on the porch anonymously.  Your whole family will feel warm and fuzzy inside and can enjoy their little secret for weeks to come.

  • Year to year - save valentines cards and crafts from this year - and get them out next year.  Talk about how your lives have changed in the last year and remember a few of your favorite times since the last Valentine’s Day.

Bye, Bye Busy-ness

Whatever your tradition, it’s easy to forget to take time out to enjoy your family, or your romance.  Make time for at least a few minutes without buzzing phones and blaring stereos - to be quiet together and reconnect with those special feelings.  Create a series of 5-minute meditations and do one every day for a week (or a month!).  Each day, pick a love word (cherish, romance, kiss, snuggle), and meditate on that word in your relationship.  You can use a meditation app on your phone, or a simple timer to sit quietly with the word with your partner in mind.


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