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Best Toys for Children 3 Years and Under


Oh, the toddler years.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a barrage of tantrums during your son’s “terrible twos.”

Or you recently doubled over with laughter after hearing your three-year-old tell her doll to “pull yourself together!”

Whatever your experience may be, there are a LOT of memorable moments during these years in your child’s life.

When it comes to development and play, these years are critical in developing your child’s imaginative abilities, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, matching skills, and more.

Read on to discover three toy suggestions for a special child in your life aged three and under...

30 Piece Train Set

The wooden train set has been a classic fixture in American childhoods for generations.

A perfect playtime activity for a rainy day, this 30-piece train set can strengthen your son or daughter’s fine motor skills.

From there, watch him or her engage with friends and siblings in imaginative play scenarios using the track, bridge, three-part train, cars, policeman, and scenery.

Whether saving a damsel in distress on the tracks or ensuring that the train in his made-up land of kidville is running on schedule, your little one will have hours of fun at his fingertips.

Head over to our online store to place your order!

Classic Ocean Sea Animals

Under the sea is the place to be!

Ok, all cheesy rhymes aside, sea animals are a great source of fascination for toddlers.

Therefore, what better way to help them practice their matching and problem-solving skills than with our classic ocean sea animals puzzle?

With ten ocean creature puzzle pieces (complete with a peg for easy grasping), this puzzle is a great source of entertainment for children--whether solo or while engaging in collaborative group-play.

Puzzles are a great way of teaching a range of cognitive, emotional, and motor skills while bringing delight to your little one!

Order yours today.

Pounding Bench

Built with sustainable, high-quality wood for durability, this pounding bench will help a special toddler in your life to refine motor, color identification, and matching skills.

The six wooden brightly colored pegs can be pounded into the holes, and then the pounding bench can be turned over, and the fun can start again!

And no, your little one doesn’t need to be an aspiring carpenter to enjoy hours of fun with the pounding bench--really, what child doesn’t like having the opportunity to play with a pretend hammer without the risk of breaking something valuable?

Shop for yours today!

Now that you’ve gotten, shall we say, “the lay of the land” when it comes to fantastic toy options for children three years of age and under, it’s the perfect time to place an order for that special toddler in your life.

Head to our online store now to purchase or browse for more!

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