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The 4 Top Toy Dangers to Watch For

Sep 13, 2017 0 comments
The 4 Top Toy Dangers to Watch For

From stuffed animals to building blocks, toys are excellent sources of play, delight, learning, and development for children of all ages.

Unfortunately, certain toys on the market can also be sources of danger, injury, or worse.

Here are four top dangers to be aware of when selecting toys for your children or grandchildren.

Toys with Small Parts

Some toys are made specifically for children over a certain age, due to the fact that children 3 years and under are more likely to choke on an object within a certain width or length.

When selecting toys for children 3 years and younger, make sure that the toys are age appropriate and that there aren’t any hidden choking hazards. Look for toys with...

  • Small parts that might be untied and removed.
  • Poorly attached eyes and noses on stuffed animals.
  • Buttons that could be detached from a doll's clothing.
  • Wheels on cars, trucks, or trains.

Concerned about how to determine whether an object is small enough to pose a risk for choking?

Check out our FREE guide How $10.00 Can Eliminate the Fear of Choking Hazards in Your Home and learn about a great tool we use to know what to be cautious of. 

Cheaply Made Toys

With companies willing to compromise quality in order to cut costs, many toys on the market only last so long before something breaks, shatters, or tears.

This means that the likelihood of children being exposed to rough edges is higher when playing with cheaply made toys.

It’s better to invest in toys made from higher-quality materials so that they’ll last over the course of your son or daughter’s childhood or beyond.

Toxic Chemicals in Toys

Plastic toys are more likely to contain harmful chemicals, such as...


Although toys can be beautifully decorated with patterns and designs in a multitude of paint colors--it’s important to ensure that the paints are nontoxic and don’t contain lead.

It’s now illegal to manufacture and sell lead-based paint in the U.S.

However, it’s still possible for counterfeit goods from places like China to end up in the U.S. market.  

Since it’s common for babies and toddlers to explore the world through their senses, they will often lick, chew, and place items, such as toys, in their mouths.

If ingested, lead can…

  • Harm bone and tooth production.
  • Lead to learning disabilities and reduced mental capacity.
  • Cause kidney failure.

To avoid these negative consequences, make sure the toys you select are painted with nontoxic paints.

Bisphenol A (BPA) & Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Often found in plastic toys, these two chemicals pose big risks to your children’s development.

BPA can cause harmful developmental effects in infants and is linked to attention disorders, cancer-cell growth, early onset puberty, and obesity.

PVC can contain carcinogens such as vinyl chloride, dioxin, and phthalates--all of which are linked to asthma, allergies, and reproductive problems.

Often, avoiding plastic toys altogether is the best way to ensure your child isn’t exposed to chemicals like these.

Electric and Battery-Operated Toys

Whir, vroom, choo choo!

While battery-operated and electrical toys can bring delight to children who like seeing their toys light up, move on their own, or emit music and noise--they aren’t always a good idea.

These toys pose dangers such as:

  • If batteries aren’t changed regularly, over time older batteries can leak acid, leading to a range of health risks to children.
  • In addition to the risk of choking, if batteries are small enough to be swallowed, they can release an alkali that causes damage to the esophagus.
  • Electrical toys run the risk of electrocution and fires.

These kinds of toys should be used only by older children and always with an adult's supervision.

At Cubbie Lee Toy Company, we make classic wooden toys that are safe for children of all ages--even infants.

Our battery- and electricity-free toys are crafted with high-quality nontoxic paints and sustainable and durable wood, allowing you to feel relaxed and worry-free while your little ones stay entertained.

If you haven’t already, check out our FREE guide How $10.00 Can Eliminate the Fear of Choking Hazards in Your Home that will help you identify which of the toys and objects in your home can pose a danger to your children

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