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Noah's Ark Face Paint Tutorials for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and if your child hasn’t already firmly decided that she’ll be a witch, vampire, or Elsa from Frozen--we’ve got a few great ideas for her!

Noah’s Ark is a timeless story that not only helps children learn biblical history but also teaches them about a variety of lovable animals in the animal kingdom.

Use the following face paint tutorials to transform your son or daughter into one of three adorable animals featured in the age-old story.

Face Paint Tutorial #1: The Zebra

First up, we have the Zebra...

Use the video tutorial above to transform your little one into a beautiful black and white striped zebra.

Face Paint Tutorial #2: The Lion

Or, if they want to go with something a little more energetic, why not make them into the kings and queens of the animal kingdom...the lion!

Step 1

Starting with a clean face, brush white paint around your little one's mouth and eyes.

Step 2

Using a sponge, lightly dab yellow face paint over the rest of your child's face, making sure to avoid the white areas.

Step 3

Lightly dab brown face paint around your little one's face to create a border.

Then, using black (and a bit of red) paint, add on the lion’s nose, mouth, whiskers, eyebrows, and a light mane around the whole face.


Now it’s time for them to proudly show off their lion face (don’t forget that roar!).

Face Paint Tutorial #3: The Giraffe

If your child isn’t really feeling the zebra or lion, maybe the towering yet elegant (and not to mention adorable) giraffe is more his or her style.


Watch the video above to learn how to create the little ears and brown spots that are quintessential to any giraffe portrayal.

Make sure the face paints you choose won’t cause any harm to your little one’s skin or beyond.

Be sure to use paints that comply with the FDA cosmetics guidelines, and stay away from acrylics, markers, or any other type of product not made specifically for use on the skin. 

Don’t stop there--why not add another layer of fun and help teach your child about the age-old story? Cubbie Lee Toy Company’s Noah’s Ark Playset Toy Boat and Shape Sorter can do just that.

Place your order now so it can arrive in time for Halloween!

We also don’t want to be left out of the fun--we’d love to see how cute your little ones’ costumes turn out with these face paint designs on the big day.

Share photos on your social media, and be sure to tag Cubbie Lee (see our Facebook and Instagram channels) in the posts!

Happy painting!

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