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Must-Read Guide To Prevent Choking Incidents

The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that any toy that is small enough to fit through a 1-1/4-inch circle or is smaller than 2-1/4 inches long is unsafe for children under 3 years old.

However, any parent dealing with the crazy schedules and demands of raising young children knows that whipping out a measuring stick every time you need to determine whether a new item could pose a danger isn’t going to happen.

That’s why we were so relieved to learn about a simple and effective tool that has helped us quickly make those determinations.

As a company that creates products for the healthy physical and mental development of children, we work to take our mission beyond crafting beautiful and educational wooden toys.  

That’s why we created our newest guide, How $10.00 Can Eliminate the Fear of Choking Hazards in Your Home, which will teach you how to use this essential tool.

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Not only will the guide discuss this tool and how to use it, it also reveals which common household objects and toys are and aren’t choking hazards.

The more you know, the more ability you will have to make sure your home is conscious of hazards that pose a risk to the children or grandchildren in your life.

Grant yourself that peace of mind--the first step is to request your copy of this guide now.


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