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Best Toys for Outdoor and Indoor Play

Aug 03, 2017 0 comments
Best Toys for Outdoor and Indoor Play

Our childhood memories are often filled with recollections of playing in the great outdoors or finding unique ways to entertain ourselves inside on rainy (or excessively hot) days.

Playtime wasn’t complete without those certain go-to toys that kept you entertained.

Maybe it was your beloved wooden jigsaw puzzle you’d try to master with your siblings in the playroom, or the pull-along toy that you had to bring along anytime you’d go exploring in your backyard.  

These lovable sources of entertainment and play have a hand in forming our cherished memories, as well as developing important skills in growing minds and bodies.

Now that you have your own little ones, it’s time to instill similar memories. The marketplace for toys is vast, and sometimes it can be difficult for parents to choose which ones will keep their kids entertained, whether they be in the outdoors or at home.

We’ve created a roundup of four of our classic toys that can work well for hours of fun outdoor and indoor play.

#1 Afternoon Tea Set 

Pinkies up. It’s tea party time!

Hosting teatime with this wooden tea set can be a great imaginative indoor activity that provides lasting hours of fun on a rainy day.

This classic toy set will allow your little ones to experience the fun of hosting and serving up some faux English breakfast or mint tea--and what would a tea party be without some adorable little cakes to accompany your beverages?

This set is ideal for children aged two years and up, as they begin to master the art of pretend play.

Through engagement with the tea set, children will develop manual dexterity skills needed as they age. Each cake can be sliced in half using the wooden knife, before magically returning to one piece, thanks to the Velcro.

A great addition to a play kitchen, the set comes with a tray, three cakes, two tea cups, a teapot, and a set of cutlery.

#2 Classic Puzzle Pack 

Puzzles have been a classic source of enjoyment and development through the generations. Aside from the engaging fun they provide, they’re essential components for developing a range of cognitive, emotional, and motor skills for your little one.

This puzzle bundle pack includes our classic number puzzle, colorful farm chunky puzzle, and ocean puzzle, all of which will educate and entertain your children from the comfort of their bedroom or playroom.

Owning a variety of puzzles also gives you the perfect opportunity to organize a family puzzle night that everyone can join!

With each piece painted with the highest quality wood, all three puzzles in the pack are guaranteed to last through many occasions of puzzle fun.

#3 Elephant Pull-Along 

It’s hard not to smile when picturing any young toddler pulling a little wooden elephant along as he or she practices walking--it’s a pretty adorable pairing!

At 6 inches high, this elephant pull-along is an ideal companion for a one-year-old taking his or her first steps.

This pull-along is durable enough to follow along behind your little one as he or she joins you for a family walk around the neighborhood or simply explores the backyard.

#4: Classic Wooden 70-Piece Train Set 

Choo-choo! Make way, because your little one is building out creative and expansive train set.

This iconic figure of eight track comes with a three-part train and all the accessories to start your little one off on their adventures. With magnets to link carriages, the train can easily be taken apart and rebuilt by kids two years and up.

The outdoors is a great environment for this classic wooden 70-piece set. Watch your son or daughter get creative, using items found in nature to add to the train setup.

From building a tunnel for the train out of sticks or rocks to decorating the landscape for passengers with flowers, this is a great opportunity for your child to appreciate the natural elements in the great outdoors.

By ensuring that your home has a few of these essential indoor and outdoor toys, your child will be set with imaginative and educational entertainment for hours, whether in your backyard or in the playroom.

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