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Best Toys for Children 5 Years and Under


What comes to mind when you think of the first day of kindergarten?

New friends?

Warm and friendly teachers?

Snack time?

Learning lifelong skills?

All of these aspects make up an important chapter in a five-year-old’s life--and as parents, you can take steps to ensure it’s a smooth transition and amazing experience for your son or daughter.

One effective way to do this, as many parents can attest to, is to provide educational and engaging activities and toys in the years leading up to this period of life.

If your child or grandchild is five and under, he or she can benefit from toys that develop imagination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills.

Here are three superb toy choices that will ensure he or she develops all of these necessary skills--and has fun along the way!

Classic Number Wooden Puzzle

You’ve probably seen those adorable YouTube videos of toddlers learning to count to ten.

While both tears and laughter can accompany the learning process--once a child is able to reach ten successfully, seeing his or her surge in confidence is incredibly rewarding.

Our wooden number puzzle adds a good dose of excitement to the number learning process.

With exciting and brightly colored designs on each number from zero to nine, your child will be mesmerized throughout the process of problem-solving and number recognition.

Give children a leg up before they start kindergarten, and order the number puzzle today!

Shop now.

Afternoon Play Food Dessert Stand

“Will you pass me the brownie, please?”

“Why yes, would you like some tea with that?”

Children love imitating adults--it’s a natural part of the maturing process.

With our afternoon play food dessert stand, there’s loads of fun pretend play to be had, whether playing alone, with mommy and daddy, or on a playdate.

A great addition to a play kitchen or tea party set, the beautifully handcrafted dessert cakes that come in all shapes and colors will delight your children.

The desserts can easily be sliced and served before returning to one piece (thanks to Velcro!).

This means that while your little one has fun, he or she will also develop critical sensory and motor skills.

Surprise your child with this awesome tea party addition and shop now

Wooden Fruit Cutting Play Food

We get it--the dessert stand is great, but you want to make sure your child has a good balance of healthy pretend food play items to accompany the sweeter selections.

That’s precisely why our wooden fruit cutting play food set is another great addition to a play kitchen.

And just like our dessert stand cakes, these fruits can be sliced in half using the wooden knife, before magically returning to one piece, thanks to the Velcro.

With enough practice slicing the banana, apples, and other included fruits, your child will have honed their fine motor skills in no time!

This set also enhances imagination and social skills by encouraging your child to engage in pretend play with friends or siblings.

What are you waiting for?

Shop now!

As parents, we know how important it is to make the educational process fun and exciting for children.

Make sure your toy selection evolves with your child, and teaches the necessary skills for his or her age group.

Shop these toys and others in our online store. Browse our selection today!

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