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Unique & Safe Age-Appropriate Holiday Gifts for Kids

Whether it be for the upcoming holiday season or birthdays of loved ones, making your list and checking it twice can be quite the process.

From granddaughters to nephews, godsons to your best friend’s children, it can be tricky to know which toys are best suited for the various age groups--especially if you don’t have children of your own.

It’s important to give children toys that are age appropriate for three reasons…

  1. Safety: Smaller toy parts can pose a danger to children three and under. At Cubbie Lee Toy Company, none of our toys qualifies as choking hazards, but this isn’t always the case for toys purchased elsewhere.
  2. Education: Children develop physical and cognitive skills at various ages and stages, and certain toys can facilitate this development.
  3. Enjoyment: You may remember the sense of disappointment when your well-meaning great-aunt gifted you a toy meant for toddlers when you were in elementary school. Giving children toys that they will have fun with can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not they will actually play with them.

As parents and toy experts, we’ve developed the following “cheat sheet” of sorts to guide you in making your gift-buying decisions for children from one to five years of age...

1 Year of Age: Giraffe Pull-Along

Most babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months...and once they begin learning to walk, there’s no holding them back!

Why not give them a little spotted friend to join them on their explorations of the world around them?

Made from durable and sustainable wood, this long-necked, spotted giraffe pull-along can take the rough and tumble of toddler life.

Parents will delight in seeing this adorable wooden animal accompany their newly mobile little one.

Shop now!

2 Years of Age: 30-Piece Wooden Toy Train Set

Parents love seeing their children discover the fun and enjoyment in the same toys that they played with in their childhood.

That’s why our 30-piece wooden train set is sure to be a gift that takes the cake.

At age two, children begin to perfect their fine motor skills, which is essentially the coordination of small muscles and usually involves the synchronization of hands and fingers with the eyes.

This 30-piece train set…

  • Includes a track, three-part train, traffic lights, and policemen--giving the child a chance to use his or her imagination in dreaming up storylines.
  • Is made of quality materials and is extremely hard wearing, unlike many other toys on the market constructed from brittle plastic.
  • Has been tested to the very highest safety testing standards, for total peace of mind. No choking hazards to be found here!

Add this train set to your order today--shop now!

3 Years of Age: Vehicle Block Chunky Puzzle

By age three, kids are primed for honing their problem-solving and pattern recognition skills.

It’s time to level up in the world of puzzles!

From an airplane to a double-decker bus, kids are absolutely fascinated by the world of vehicles...which makes our Vehicle Block Chunky Puzzle a perfect gift option for that special three-year-old in your life.

This puzzle contains blocks that make up the picture of different vehicles, creating six different pictures in total.

Consider it a step-up from the simple peg puzzle!

Add this puzzle to your cart today.

4 Years of Age: Princess Pink Castle Building Block Set

One of the newest additions to our toy collection, this building block set is sure to please any princess- and castle-obsessed four-year-old.

Whether they want to be an architect or not, children love seeing their imagination put to work crafting the castle of their dreams.

This 60-piece block set…

  • Features a princess, prince, horse, and carriage, making it a perfect toy for imaginative play and sensory development.
  • Is crafted with sustainably sourced SGS certified beech and juniper wood, and is built to last a lifetime. 
  • Derives its bright colors from nontoxic paints--so if the four-year-old has younger siblings that like to chew on toys, the paints won’t be a health risk.

Give this gift to a special little prince or princess in your life.

5 Years of Age: Classic Numbers Wooden Puzzle

A child’s fifth year of life is a big deal because it often means that they will enter their school-age years!

This classic wooden numbers puzzle can be the perfect way to help him or her prepare for kindergarten.

Parents will thank you for providing their little one with a fun puzzle that also happens to be educational and supports number recognition.

Speaking of numbers...don’t wait for the holiday countdown to order this fantastic puzzle as a gift--shop our site today!

From all of us at Cubbie Lee Toy Company, we wish you a pleasant holiday season over the next month--and hope that our suggestions prove to be helpful in your gift selection process!

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